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Exquisite CounterTop Ipad Kiosk

Exquisite CounterTop Ipad Kiosk


Small exterior. Big possibilities.

Made specifically to secure Apple’s iPad tablets for public use, this countertop kiosk enclosure features a heavy, tip-resistant base and a durable, scratch-resistant finish.

The adjustable head can be angled to suit your counter height, making it easy for visitors to interact with the iPad. Each of our head enclosures is made for a specific set of tablet dimensions, allowing the tablet to snap into the head for a secure fit. This kiosk enclosure is available for:

  • 9.7-inch iPad

    • model numbers: A1822, A1823
    • released in 2017

    9.7-inch iPad Pro

    • model numbers: A1673, A1674, A1675
    • released in 2016

    10.5-inch iPad Pro

    • model numbers: A1701, A1709
    • released in 2017

    12.9-inch iPad Pro

    • model numbers: A1584, A1652
    • released in 2015

    iPad Air 2

    • model numbers: A1566, A1567
    • released in late 2014

    iPad Air

    • model numbers: A1474, A1475, A1476
    • released in late 2013
  • Android - Versions for Android also available. See our other product listings.

Apple’s iPad tablets feature high-resolution Retina displays, a smooth and responsive touch interface, and iOS options like Guided Access that make it easy to lock the device into a single app for kiosk use.

Need an enclosure for a different tablet? We have frequently created custom enclosures for other tablets - please contact us to discuss your needs.



  • to the device’s front-facing camera for photos and video. (+$20)
  • to the front-facing home button - pinhole and full access options available. (+$20)



  • radio-transparent tablet enclosure is scratch and fingerprint-resistant.
  • restricts access to the Home button, while still allowing you private access to power, volume and the home screen without disassembly.
  • stable, non-tip steel body and base, powdercoated for a durable, professional finish.
  • tablet can be displayed in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • secondary cable exit through the base of the kiosk for hidden AC power supply and cordless appearance.


9.7-inch iPad, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air & Air 2

in landscape:

  • dimensions: 12.75” w, 11” - 13.25" d, 10.75" - 13.25” h
  • highest touch point of screen: 8.75" - 11.5" from counter
  • maximum reach depth of screen: 3.75" - 7.5"

in portrait:

  • dimensions: 12” w, 11.25” - 13.25" d, 12.5" - 14” h
  • highest touch point of screen: 10.5" - 12" from counter
  • maximum reach depth of screen: 5" - 9"

weight: 17.7 lb.

12.9-inch iPad Pro

in landscape:

  • dimensions: 15.5” w, 11.5” - 14" d, 11.75" - 14.25” h
  • highest touch point of screen: 9.75" - 12.25" from counter
  • maximum reach depth of screen: 5.5" - 9.25"

in portrait:

  • dimensions: 12.75” w, 12” - 15.25" d, 13.75" - 15.25” h
  • highest touch point of screen: 12" - 13.25" from counter
  • maximum reach depth of screen: 6.5" - 11.5"

weight: 20.5 lb.

For ADA compliance, maximum counter height can be determined by subtracting the highest touch point of screen for the configuration of your choice from 48”.

    Assembly & installation instructions available here. If you would prefer to receive your kiosk fully assembled or are interested in installation services, please contact us directly.

    iPad is not included and must be purchased separately

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